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  1. Nice one. Begging for love begins from the very moment when we see that person very very special for us but they try not to understand us at the first place even though sometimes they do understand the feelings.
    Mind blowing article.The artcle is a sensitive one written deeply from heart. Keep continue doing the good work and keep writing regarding the feelings that may heal someone’s or atleast one’s feelings.

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  2. If you say I love you, I care for you and truly you do and that person say you find someone else then you are begging for love.

    Awesome lines reallly its true plz keep writing .I want to read more .Awesooooome suppppper dooooper like .


  3. Love is not begging but its the feeling which makes you feel happy from inside …because of this u feel complete happy and joyfull. Its not for only one special person ,its for family friends ,surroundings ….u can feel and find it every where where u want ❤


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