Begging for Love

Yes, we beg for love and  it’s true.

Why do we beg for love ?

It starts when your heart and mind both are convinced that you have found the correct person in your life and you feel that you want to enjoy the whole journey of your life with that person (sachha wala pyar/khuda wala pyar). You like everything about that person, their smile (usski muskan), their laughter (usski hassi), their naughtiness, their dedication towards work, their attitude towards friends, family and life and even their anger (bahut jor ka gussa). If you feel that you can feel the pain of that person and want to remove each and every sorrow, negativity, problems from that person’s life and want remove every obstacles from that person’s life, be their protector, be their shield, care for that person, love that person (godly). You start missing that person at both the situations; when you are alone and when you are with people (Akele me bhi aur bheed me bhi ). If you know that this is the right person with whom you want to travel the whole world, experience the beauty of nature and human created best things of the world (puri duiya ko kissi ke sath dekhna chahte ho).

When we find someone like this, we beg for love (Jab koi humme aaisa mil jata hai tab hi ye hota hai) because in this cruel world,it’s easy to move on but very difficult to hold on. Hum sab ke liye bhi hold on nehi karte, hum bahut logo ke liye move on karte hain. But jisse liye hum hold on karte hain we beg for love!!!!!!

when we do beg for love and what begging gives you?

When you love someone to that extent that you can’t imagine your life without them, you start feeling so much that your friends and family start noticing you and you start changing to hide you, then you are begging for love.

When you do everything what a human being can do and the person does not want to understand  that then you are begging for love. (sab kuch kar ke aaisa feel karna ki  yaar kahan kami rah gayi hai ).

Sometimes you feel that you are loosing your self respect (Aatamsamman ka chakna choor hona) and then you feel how you can let that beautiful person, beautiful friend go away from your life then you are begging for love.

When you give indication to your parents that you want to spend whole life with someone special  and they understand your happiness and respect your decision but the person for whom you have spoken is telling that I have not said yes and I will never say yes  for  the reasons you don’t understand  and both of you know  your love is pure and true  then you are begging for love.

When only you are calling, only you are texting and never receive a text or a call from that person intentionally you are begging for love.

When you are writing  your heart out on whats-app and you get reply as ok then you are begging for love.

When you have opened your heart out and person sitting in front of you is sitting quiet and not ready to say even a few words for you then you are begging for love.

When you do all types of care, all type of good things and when these care and good things are useless for someone for whom you did and they don’t  want  this good things and care to be done again and they ask you to regret for this then you are begging for love.

 Even though you are some kind of atheist but start going to temple, start worshiping god, bowing your head down and praying for that person to stay in your life then you are begging for love.

When you buy something for that person imagining how surprised that person will feel and in return that person refuses to accept the gift then you are begging for love. Generally a gift can be given to anyone and anytime, it makes someone special that is the motto of the gift even we should accept gifts from our enemies if it is given as token of love and friendship, by the basic courtesy one should not refuse that and if you feel at your end then you are begging for love. 

If you say I love you, I care for you and truly you do and that person say you find someone else then you are begging for love.

If you truly want only well being, happiness, smile on someone face and this is the one and only truth and it is pure love and you pray only good  but the person does not understand that and questions the things that you have never thought, they feel and make you feel that you are thinking wrong and you don’t want their good, you are begging for love.

From the childhood, in your education you have been taught that India is one and we have to rise up against the barrier of society, evil things created by us in our society like caste, religion, separation on the basis of region and language and you love some person despite of these things; not because on the basis belonging from same caste or same region or speaking the same language but on the basis of how the person is, how beautiful the person soul and mind is, how much strong, capable and caring that person is and how much beautiful the thoughts and smile of the person is and that person hesitates to love you back  because of such evil things then you are begging for love.

When you miss that person, cry in front of that person or cry alone and that person thinks how many more things I can do to hurt you more, how can I be more strict, will make an opinion according to the feelings you have expressed and truth you have spoken and decide the things in advance and behave with you in that manner according to decided opinion and you know this, you feel this, you understand this and you are helpless then you are begging for love.

Life should not be begging for love it should be dissolved in the love which consists of true care, smiles, fixing the problems and giving resolution to each and every challenges, helping the mankind, enjoying each and every moment of our life.We should at-least love them back whom we know that had true love for us or at-least not hurt them. Life is not meant for punishing, it is meant for giving the blessings and bringing smiles and forgiving, that I feel and I think that also the god feel.


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