End of day (EOD)

The term EOD is not word its a emotion, emotion to bind,hold,take care of each other. EOD  means , End of day in which all the bachelor friend of you  or friends that enjoy bachelor hood after marriage , will come at your place and you will have sessions together for colddrinks, beer ,whisky ,rum,vodka and cigarettes. This session is not session but therapy ,sometimes this session is required for finishing the pain ,anger , breakups , love , crushes or sometimes required so that everyone can speak all the heart out and be free from all the pain an emotions they are holding inside them.sometimes it is required for settling the things and required to dissolve the distance that has been developed among few of us because of work,expectation or trying same crush or loving same girl. It also happen for better cause sometimes when some loved ones of you returned from onsite with duty free bottle as a souvenir for you all or if we have to celebrate birthday but budget is less that we can’t celebrate king size but you can have it during EOD in which you can cook chicken with the help of few master chief within among your self and along with you can order 2 liters of best available drink in town,which will definitely  make this celebration large and historical.If some one near and dear to your heart is leaving then also  EOD is done as a tribute and farewell gift.In this EOD one thing i forgot to mention that if  refrigerator is  not working then one gem of us will bring whole large sheet of ice and we will  apply our all mechanical engineering for breaking into pieces .so that ice cubes in proper manner should be available during the full tenure of EOD and everyone of us will enjoy there drink  whatever it may whisky with ice or chilled beer with ice or coke with ice for non alcoholic in there best extreme form. In short i will narrate EOD to be the event which take all your pain and make yourself happy and satisfied not for long time but atleast  the night of event. 🙂

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