End of day (EOD)

The term EOD is not word its a emotion, emotion to bind,hold,take care of each other. EOD  means , End of day in which all the bachelor friend of you  or friends that enjoy bachelor hood after marriage , will come at your place and you will have sessions together for colddrinks, beer ,whisky ,rum,vodka and cigarettes. This session is not session but therapy ,sometimes this session is required for finishing the pain ,anger , breakups , love , crushes or sometimes required so that everyone can speak all the heart out and be free from all the pain an emotions they are holding inside them.sometimes it is required for settling the things and required to dissolve the distance that has been developed among few of us because of work,expectation or trying same crush or loving same girl. It also happen for better cause sometimes when some loved ones of you returned from onsite with duty free bottle as a souvenir for you all or if we have to celebrate birthday but budget is less that we can’t celebrate king size but you can have it during EOD in which you can cook chicken with the help of few master chief within among your self and along with you can order 2 liters of best available drink in town,which will definitely  make this celebration large and historical.If some one near and dear to your heart is leaving then also  EOD is done as a tribute and farewell gift.In this EOD one thing i forgot to mention that if  refrigerator is  not working then one gem of us will bring whole large sheet of ice and we will  apply our all mechanical engineering for breaking into pieces .so that ice cubes in proper manner should be available during the full tenure of EOD and everyone of us will enjoy there drink  whatever it may whisky with ice or chilled beer with ice or coke with ice for non alcoholic in there best extreme form. In short i will narrate EOD to be the event which take all your pain and make yourself happy and satisfied not for long time but atleast  the night of event. 🙂

The Farewell

It was her last day in office.Some of them were writing farewell quotes and best wishes on her last card.some were asking what should be your new carrer aspiration.some were asking why you are leaving the job without having an MBA admission or a new job.some were telling her that she has become a very good friend more than colleague and gone miss her humor,presence of mind and her bubbly character. But She was emotionless that day,if someone ask how she is feeling ,she was replying i am feeling nothing,i am feeling like it is just one more day, i am not feeling that from tomorrow ,i am not going to swipe my card ,write an oracle or DB2 queries or login into putty again or run command on the black screen.She was thinking about him only who was sitting on the corner desk ,putting his head down and crying in silence,for whom she was not sure that she loved him or not.She was thinking how to handle the many things that is coming today for her departure,it may be last meeting with the mentors from whom  she learnt a lot ,few breakout coffee friends  with whom she talked her heart out or how to leave and say last goodbye to him whom she sometimes  she loved and sometime she did not because of the struggle between her heart and mind.whatever love that she got from others the day was his ,he was going to feel the journey of true love which involves also the care, commitment for the day ,separation and unbearable pain that love gives,waiting  eyes,silence for the lifetime,last day to see her and her “true emotions for him” also.somewhere in the mind she was also loving him like a true lover on her last day.

As promised,she was going to give dinner treat after office today,every close ones were invited including him.All needs to go by office bus only since the venu was far ,she came to him and asked that can you help me by asking driver bhiya that we can take few of our friends today on bus because you have good relation with him and seats are always empty,if one day he can manage,on my last day we can all go together for dinner. He said ok,and because of his helping nature and  friendship with everyone driver bhiya easily allowed and all went together in the same bus. She softly also whispered into  his ears that i want to sit together with you in the bus. His voice choked,he can’t utter a single word,his head nodded for yes for those kind words and tears trickled on his cheek.

At that day bus was full don’t know from where that rush came and few old people were also standing.Bus stared , he was having window seat and she was sitting beside him.Both of them were not taking there was a pin drop silence between them.Both were incapable at that moment what to say ?. He decided to look out of the window but at that day ,road and lake beside that road  was also speaking each and every moments that they have spent together ,their good times,happy days. Places where panipuri was eaten ,chai samosa,kulfi, faluda,momos,kebabs or treats that they have given and taken from each other. He was seeing  her in imagination at every places where they have visited together.

In every place,in every situation there is a person who is kabab me haddi that is their presence is not required and they are meant for destroying the moments. At that day , also from bus one of them appeared and started flirting with her not knowing that it was her last day.she got irriated and asked that person to shut his mouth. Then, She turned her head  spoke the word with lot of intensity , dam mm i am going you will not talk with me.He replied in the husky voice i cannot see you going like this. With these words again there was again 2 minutes silence between them.she spoke in anger what to do, my sister has done love marriage and she has lot of problems.My parents want me to do arrange marriage and they started searching boy for me.My sister has disappointed them and i am only hope for their respect.So whom i love does not matter ,how i love that does not matter ,my carrier ,my goals ,my ambition does not matter.For me only, the happiness of my parents matter and i will sacrifice everything for them.Only thing that i want more is  to delay this ,if i will continue doing job they will marry me next year and i am not ready for this.I want sometime since at least i can live a little life so i want to go home back ,prepare for MBA for one year and then join the college and enjoy my life for 2 years. I don’t know whom with i will be married after this 3 years, how the person will be ,how their parents will be if they will good then i can adjust and live but if they are not i need to suffer whole life for that i want this 3 years of life so that i can enjoy 1 year of family life with my parents and 2 years of college life again. He told softly , if this is the reason for leaving job and doing masters, i think this is not correct.She replied back this is india and here this only happens and it happens with every girl from middle class family and i have accepted my fate. we need to follow the society in which we live and this is only the rule of game for this country. He again spoke slowly , just had a word with them they are your parents ,india is changing might be their mindset has changed. She said back ,it is not possible . She will not change and for them my marriage is last responsibility for them and i can not be a reason for their unhappiness. He asked you will sacrifice your whole life. She told yes , its my life ,my circumstances  and my decision and i have full right to choose. He replied without any argument ,yes every individual have the right choose and decide about their life.

Suddenly a very old senior  came near them and both of them knew that senior and he was not well .He with respect left the seat and old senior was having window seat now.She spoke again and told she will miss you and please take care of you.with time you will forget everything and what you feel today you will not feel after and year . Time heals everything.So, just let time to take care of everything. I am also feeling bad but i can’t do anything.From love+life and respect for my parents  in my society i need to choose one and i have chosen. He replied i can’t see you leaving ,not this way, i don’t have courage to come to your farewell dinner  ,my house is near to restaurant where we will have dinner and i will get off bus and go home.If i will go, i will cry in-front of everyone , i can’t control my emotions. She told that party will not happen without you.As usual their was so much traffic, she closed her eyes for some relief and went into power snap.His bus stop came and his mind and heart both was telling to not go to party so taking the advantage that she is sleeping he got down at his stop telling others that he has some urgent work and can not join the evening dinner.

He reached home , he packed his room and became a body without soul and with little glass of the window he was looking towards garden silently. Mind ,heart and senses all gone numb.On the other side,Bus reached the  near destination(restaurant)  and everyone get off. She searched for him and could not find him and got anxious,she asked everyone where is he ,some one told her that he has some urgent work and he is not coming. At that moment,team ,party ,farewell all was immaterial for her ,she only wants his presence.she gently asked everyone to go upstairs ,start the party and order the  starters. she will come after a phone call.

Party was one the 2nd floor, she was one first floor ,she started calling him. He decided not to pick up the phone because he love her too much that he can’t let her go like this for the reasons that he don’t understand to be correct .she was playing with her life and he has no right to say something since she was her point of view  that it was her life and she has every decision to take in her life it may be right or wrong and she was correct.He was thinking why so much education from childhood when after all we need to follow the wrong things ,we need to follow and carry the old culture which is not correct always,  it may be right for some person but everyone is different and situations for every individual is also different.He was thinking if  after so much education and experience of life will we not bring  change to the society then who will? who will change the country from the evil roots of caste,religion,region,language and also from sacrificing  for the carrier that is sin in terms of modern and developed society where everyone is equal and every individual should have equal opportunity irrespective of gender also.

From the ground floor, she was calling again again ,and count of miss calls reached to more than 100. Her control on emotions which she was showing from last 2 years ,vanished in a moment .she started behaving like insane. She took the first auto what she can get and want to reach his apartment as soon as possible. From the 2nd floor someone called her and ask that come soon starter has came . she told that person please start enjoying your starter , i will come soon.(Inside herself she told go to hell bastard) . She reached down to his apartment, with the garden view he saw her coming . She stopped in the garden and messaged him that i am in garden if you not pickup the call or come down i will come to your flat. she called again  told to come in 5 minutes ,if he will not come then she is also not going to her own farewell party and she started crying. In fraction of seconds he was in-front of her , he wiped her tears and told don’t cry, i will come with you and i will not show any emotions . I love you truly this means i can sacrifice my anything for your happiness , i know that your parents are very important to you and i accept every decision what you decide because i can not see tears in your eyes.

He took and auto and both reached to the party venue. He told everyone that his urgent work was finished and she told it was a quite a long call with the family and asked sorry for delay. In the meantime the starters were finished and their was time for main course , some genius who was very hungry  ordered.While waiting for the main course they had their happy moments with lot of selfies and group photographs,chats ,blessings,fun. In the deserts everyone order different things but two of them ordered tender coconut which both of them love together. It was the last meal in the Mumbai that they relished together , after that they never meet.Never meet ever in whole  life.Never spoken on phone call.The goodbye from the farewell that he heard was the last goodbye for him. The last thing that he did for her was stopped an auto for her and last time he saw her was riding an auto leaving him for whole life. It was all about “The Farewell”.

In our live everyone is not blessed to have true love. If you feel that you are getting true love do not disrespect that .Only few of very very special and lucky once have chance to love back and live together.Don’t leave best in the search of better.Be kind ,accept the true love, live happy, enjoy each and every moment of life.You need to decide that one life we have got and what we want from that ?  with whom we want to live , the person who love us most or the person whom we have got as an illness of society ?